3 Reasons PTSD Is Common After An Accident With A Big Truck


PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a common problem for people after they have been in an automobile accident. After an accident involving a big semi truck, the risks of developing PTSD could be even bigger. PTSD is a serious problem that can hinder your ability to feel comfortable on the highway as a driver. If you have to file an auto accident claim by working with a truck accident attorney, your PTSD could be a major form of damage considered in your case.

29 May 2019

Why Hire A Divorce Lawyer?


If you are in the beginning stages of a divorce, then it may have crossed your mind that you can save money and go through the divorce proceedings on your own. However, this is not a good idea for many reasons. You can get a better understanding of some of the many reasons a divorce attorney is your best bet by reading this. You won't be bullied There can be so many strong and negative feelings tossed around when you start divorce proceedings.

29 March 2019

Has Your Teen Been Arrested? 4 Steps You Need To Take To Help Them Through The Process


If your teen has been arrested, you need to take quick action. Dealing with the arrest of a child can be stressful and frightening. However, it's important that you take the right steps to help your teen. Here are four steps you need to take if your teen has been arrested: 1. Get Your Teen Released If your teen has been taken into police custody, it's important that you get them released as quickly as possible.

30 January 2019

Double Trouble: Criminal And Civil Issues


When you are injured in an accident, the person or business that caused the harm can be liable for monetary damages. In most cases, accident victims seek retribution using civil law procedures. When you file suit against an at-fault party, you are using civil law to do so. While this form of legal action provides victims with financial compensation, some accident situations call for taking things a step further. There are some circumstances that can have the perpetrator both charged with a crime and on the hook for paying personal injury compensation.

7 December 2018

Two Defenses To Leaving The Scene Of A DWI Accident


One way to make a DWI worse is to leave the scene of any accident you're involved in while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Depending on the circumstances, leaving could result in the DWI charge being elevated to a felony, which means bigger consequences such as jail time and license revocation. You can avoid this outcome if you can provide the court with a good reason for not sticking around.

20 October 2018

3 Benefits Of Working With A Criminal Defense Attorney For A Possession Of Drugs Charge


Getting charged with the possession of drugs can be a startling experience. Life as you know it is about to change, unless you work with a criminal defense attorney. They can help you through this difficult legal situation in the following ways.  Help You Better Understand the Charges  The starting point for dealing with a drug charge is understanding what it means. This can be quite challenging if you've never had to face one of these criminal charges before.

24 September 2018

Regain Money That You Lent To A Friend


If you lent one of your best friends a large sum of money to assist with having some renovations done to their home and the individual promised to pay you back on a monthly basis, it can be very disconcerting if the person breaches on their promise to you.  Speak To Your Friend Don't automatically assume that the situation is useless and that your friend will forego paying you back. You likely want to make the situation as smooth as possible, so keeping calm and speaking politely to your friend should be one of your concerns.

28 July 2018

Are You Being Discriminated Against? 4 Questions To Consider


No one wants to face harassment or discrimination in the workplace. If you feel that you are being discriminated against, you may want to consult with an employment law attorney. Cases of discrimination are often extremely fact-specific. Here are a few questions you may want to consider: 1. Are You a Protected Class? In order for you to be discriminated against, you need to be part of a protected class. A protected class can include gender, race, or sexual orientation.

20 June 2018

Consider Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer For Incarcerated Loved Ones


Is someone you care about locked away in a correctional institution? Have they been involved in a criminal disciplinary situation that now threatens to add time to their current sentence? You may be tempted to believe that the inmate deserves what is happening to them. After all, they have been duly convicted of at least one crime. Well, you need to understand that life behind prison walls is harsh indeed. Your friend or relative needs legal help.

14 April 2018

Do You Need A Lawyer For Your Trucking Accident?


When you drive a truck for a living, you run the risk of getting into an accident, especially since you are on the road for long hours at a time. Getting into a wreck can potentially ruin your truck driving career and leave you unable to work. Do you need a lawyer when you get into a trucking accident? Here is a guide to help you decide. You are at fault

23 March 2018