How A Child Support Attorney Can Help You Get More Money For Your Child


If you and the other parent of your child have decided to part ways and you have custody of the child, the other parent is still responsible for paying child support regardless of how involved they are in your son's or daughter's life. The other parent might refuse to pay child support or suddenly stop making payments, and a child support lawyer can help you get the funds that are needed to give your child a better upbringing.

Create a Child Support Agreement

If you and the other parent haven't worked out a child support agreement yet, your attorney can help you draft an agreement that's legally binding. The agreement should specify how much money each parent should be paying toward the child and how often the payments are expected to be made. How long the agreement is supposed to last should also be specified clearly. If your child needs more money to cover daycare, private schooling, or other expenses that are beyond the basic needs of your child, your attorney can help you add those terms to the agreement as well. 

Modify the Child Support Agreement

Child support agreements must sometimes be changed as children age or develop other needs. An agreement might also require modification if expenses have increased or either parent's financial situation has changed. You shouldn't try to change the agreement on your own or without letting the other parent know, and your attorney can help you change the agreement in a way that's legal and suits each person's interests the best.  

Enforce Child Support Rules

An attentive child support lawyer always makes sure that each parent honors the rules of the child support agreement. If the other parent has defaulted on payments or has violated other rules of the agreement, your attorney can help you take legal action to compel the other parent to follow the rules. A lawsuit may need to be filed against the other parent to get them to pay, and criminal charges are also applicable in some cases. Wage garnishment, property seizure, and the suspension of licenses are other ways that child support may be enforced if the other parent doesn't willingly pay.

Represent You in Court

Whether you're working out a child support agreement or need to file a lawsuit against the other parent for nonpayment, you may need to go to court to get a judge's final ruling. Your child support attorney can be with you at any court hearings that you need to attend and will do much of the talking for you. Your attorney will also advise you throughout the hearing and object to any claims that shouldn't be permissible in court. If any evidence needs to be presented to the judge, your child support lawyer will make sure that all the information that supports your claim is submitted in an organized format that will be easy for the judge to analyze.

You shouldn't be responsible for raising a child on your own, and you have the right to demand payment from the other parent to go toward your son or daughter. For help with any child support-related issues, contact a child support attorney in your area.


30 March 2023

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