When To Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney For Crippling Anxiety


Do you have crippling anxiety that has made it difficult to continue working? Your anxiety may have worsened over the past several years, despite seeing a therapist or taking some prescription medication. If you've applied for Social Security Disability because of this mental disorder but have received a denial letter, you need a Social Security Disability attorney.

Why You Need an Attorney to Help with Your SSDI Claim

Many people will receive a denial after applying for disability benefits, but this doesn't mean you won't eventually get approved if you continue to pursue the help you need. With an invisible condition like anxiety, getting turned down for the assistance you need is easier because you may look completely healthy on the outside. However, when anxiety impacts your mental health and makes each day a challenge to get through, you have a right to pursue benefits.

A Social Security Disability attorney can do the following when hired to help with your case:

  • Review your application information to check for possible errors made that could've resulted in the denial.
  • Assist you in completing any paperwork required to appeal the denial.
  • Collect supporting evidence of your anxiety disorder, including medications prescribed to you, therapist sessions you've attended, and more.
  • Help you document instances where your anxiety has made it nearly impossible for you to work.
  • Keep in constant contact with you to provide updates or inquire about any additional information needed.
  • Provide a realistic estimate of when to hear back from the SSA.
  • Advocate for you and your right to benefits due to having a mental disorder that impacts your everyday life.

Although you can gather some evidence of your anxiety diagnosis yourself, the attorney would know what the Social Security Administration expects to see in an application and will assist you in collecting as much supporting evidence as possible.

Receive the Support You Need as You Apply for Benefits

As someone who already struggles with anxiety, receiving a denial from the SSA for benefits can leave you more frustrated and anxious than ever. However, you don't have to accept the denial and continue to struggle to work. If you receive a denial, reach out to a Social Security Disability lawyer with experience handling similar cases. You can receive legal guidance while you appeal and fight your case, proving that your crippling anxiety makes it too hard to work. With expert legal aid, the SSA may change its ruling and approve your request for financial assistance.

Contact a Social Security Disability attorney for more information. 


18 July 2023

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