Interesting and Fun Facts About Estate Planning Around the World


You know that it's important to have a plan on how your personal belongings and property should be handled after you have passed away. In most cases, people visit an estate-planning attorney to help them create a last will and testament that dictates how such things should be taken care of, including everything from burial wishes to who should receive special pieces of jewelry and who they would like to take care of their cats.

2 November 2016

Can You Sue For An Unsavory Fictional Depiction Of Yourself?


Many people read fiction stories or watch television shows to take a break from reality for a short time. Unfortunately for some individuals, a fictional piece of work can feel all too real. It's not unusual for writers to base fictional characters on real people, but can you sue the creator if his or her depiction of you is defamatory? You can, but it may be very difficult to win the lawsuit.

19 July 2016