Things To Know About Working With A Family Lawyer When Getting A Divorce In Another State


If you are currently living in a different state than your spouse and are hoping to get a divorce, you might be a bit worried about how things are going to go. Working with a family lawyer in this scenario might not be as hard as you think, but you'll want to know all of these things.

You'll Need to Find a Family Lawyer

It's typically a good idea to hire a family lawyer when you're getting a divorce, and this is even more true when matters are a bit more complicated, such as if you live in a different state. Therefore, instead of attempting a DIY divorce, it's a good idea to find a family lawyer who can help you.

The Lawyer May Be Able to Work With You Remotely

One thing you might not be looking forward to is having to drive or fly back and forth between two states to meet with your lawyer and talk about your divorce. Luckily, nowadays, many attorneys will try to work with their clients remotely as much as possible, particularly in this type of situation. You may be able to talk to your lawyer over the phone or have a video conference meeting to talk about your situation, for example. Your lawyer might email you paperwork and updates about what is going on with your case. Make sure you give your lawyer all of your contact information and let them know that you are handling your divorce from another state.

Child-Related Matters May Need to Be Handled

If you and your spouse have one or more children together, you should know that this can make things more complicated. This is true in most divorce cases, but it's even more true if you're living in a different state from your spouse. Your spouse might argue that you shouldn't have the children living in a different state and that coming up with a custody and visitation plan can be more challenging because of it. Let your lawyer know about your children and ask for advice in handling these long-distance matters for the best results.

You May Still Have to Travel

Ideally, your family law attorney should do everything they can to help you with your divorce without requiring you to travel to their office. However, there will probably be at least one situation in which you will need to travel to the state in which you are getting divorced. You may be required to appear for a court appearance and to sign your divorce paperwork, for example. Of course, this does depend on the state where you are getting your divorce and the specifics related to your divorce. If you talk to your lawyer, they should let you know whether or not you will need to travel and when. Then you can make plans in the best way possible.

For more information, contact a family law attorney near you.


16 February 2023

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