What Your Attorney Wants You To Know As You Prepare To Face Domestic Violence Charges


The law prescribes tough punishments to people who cause emotional or physical harm to their family members. Besides that, it prohibits anyone from issuing threats that instill fear in their relatives. Usually, anyone who commits these offenses is at risk of facing domestic violence charges. When faced with such charges, you need to prepare a strong defense through the help of a legal practitioner. Your attorney will want you to know the following issues as you prepare to face domestic violence charges. 

Disobeying the Court Might Worsen the Situation

Disobeying the court can make you face additional charges and more severe punishment. Therefore, if a judge orders you not to visit or talk to the complainant, don't disobey these orders. If you need help understanding the order, contact a criminal attorney for assistance. They will assist you in unraveling the order, shielding you from doing or saying anything that goes against it. Typically, the court will order you to keep away from the accuser completely. By following this order, you will have a lower chance of saying or doing something that might jeopardize your case. 

You Have Several Legal Options to Fight Your Charges 

When you contact an attorney, they will first discuss the facts of your case. For instance, they will help you understand the severity of your charges and the legal options to fight them. You can fight the allegations by entering a guilty or no-contest plea in exchange for more lenient penalties. Based on the situation, this option could have a more lenient punishment. Additionally, it will eliminate the uncertainty of trial, which might have serious repercussions in your life even if you may not be convicted. 

Even so, the success of a plea bargain will depend on the evidence the prosecuting attorney has prepared against you. If the prosecutor has strong evidence against you, they might not be willing to dismiss your case before trial. In this case, your lawyer must gather compelling evidence and create a strong defense to fight your charges. They can use video surveillance, medical documents, and witness statements to prove your innocence. 

A conviction for domestic violence can make you get a life-altering punishment. This explains the importance of having a criminal attorney by your side when facing these charges. Your legal advisor will explore all the available legal options to ensure you get the most favorable outcome in the case. 

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11 January 2023

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