Who Is At Fault After A Building Collapses?


When a building is not adequately maintained, one of the risks that might arise is that the building might eventually collapse. This is a catastrophic event if it occurs while there are occupants inside the building. If you're injured in this type of accident, you will need to find out how the accident occurred and who is responsible for it.

Parties That Might Be Responsible

There are several parties that can be negligent and end up causing the collapse of a building. The construction contractor who created the building might be liable. The company that manufactured the materials used to create the building might also be liable. 

The Complexity of a Building Collapse

A building collapse can be very complex and it can be difficult to find out why the building collapsed and who was at fault. There are many construction contracts that your civil litigation lawyer will have to trace. There might have been a problem with the design of the building or the construction company might have failed to properly implement the designs.

For this reason, it's important to speak with a civil lawyer who will help you gather evidence to prove liability and will then assist you in calculating the damages you have suffered and will help you receive compensation for your injuries.

You Might Be Entitled to Compensation for Several Reasons

If you are able to prove that another party is at fault for the collapse of the building, you will then be able to seek compensation for both your injuries and damage done to your property. You will likely have a lot of medical expenses to pay for and you might be too injured to work. As a result, you will be entitled to compensation for lost wages. You may also be able to receive compensation for pain and suffering.

Prepare for a Legal Battle

However, when filing a lawsuit against certain parties, you will be going up against an individual or organization that has the ability to hire expensive lawyers and has many resources they can use against you.

For this reason, it's important to also have your own civil law team to provide you with advice, help you gather the evidence needed to prove your case throughout the discovery process, and assist you in court by cross-examining witnesses and making a closing argument. Then, you will be able to receive compensation for your injuries.


14 July 2022

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