4 Signs You Need A Workers Compensation Lawyer For Your Claim


You probably feel safer when you access a workers compensation insurance cover. The insurance coverage ensures you get excellent treatment for your workplace injury. Everyone wishes for a smooth compensation process, especially since you have to deal with the injury's aftermath. However, the claim process gets complicated sometimes and necessitates hiring workers compensation lawyers.

Once you make your claim, look out for the signs below to know when to hire workers compensation lawyers.

1. Your Insurance Carrier or Employer Denies You Got Injured at Work

Workplace injuries require you to report immediately. However, once you miss that step, your insurance company or employer may deny that the injury occurred at work. This development is especially true when your condition worsens. Nonetheless, you should receive fair compensation for an on-the-job injury. Therefore, find workers compensation lawyers to help you prove you suffered the injury at work.

2. Your Employer Drags Your Claim

Report to your employer immediately if you get injured at work to begin the process early. Make sure you get proper paperwork from your company to outline details of your condition. Your company must then notify the state workers' compensation board for filing. 

Deadlines vary with different companies. Confirm the deadline from your work agreement. Once you notice signs of a delay from your employer, hire a workers compensation attorney to help expedite the process. Employers and insurers may use the delay tactic to frustrate you in the hope you'll give up the claim.

3. Your Insurance Company Refuses To Pay for a Recommended Treatment

Your insurance company and medical provider have different views on which treatment program is necessary for your recovery. For instance, some insurance companies refuse to pay for rehabilitation and deem it unnecessary. However, the medical specialist, in this case, is your doctor. Contact workers compensation lawyers for professional advice.

4. You Have Pre-Existing Conditions

Your insurance company or employer can easily deny your injuries if you have pre-existing health problems. For example, your company may blame your neck pains on a pre-existing neck problem even when it occurs because of work activities. Hire a lawyer to help you find evidence that your injury and the pre-existing condition aren't related.


Workers compensation lawyers will serve you better when you need fair compensation for a personal injury experienced at work. Your attorneys will handle all your paperwork, negotiate with your insurance company, and allow you time for yourself.

For more information, contact workers compensation lawyers near you.


6 April 2022

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