How To Avoid Self-Incrimination After A Car Accident


There is no perfect blueprint on how to handle a car accident situation. However, it is crucial to understand that certain things you say or do after the occurrence can either reinforce or weaken your case. Therefore, a basic understanding of things to do at the scene before the police arrive is vital. Here are some guidelines that your car accident lawyer would recommend with regard to your interactions with other accident victims, police, insurance representatives, and onlookers at the scene.

Things to Avoid Saying after the Accident

Typically, the first reaction after an accident is panic, followed by empathy for the people involved. Because of that, you can end up saying and doing inappropriate things, and you can easily get branded as the guilty party. For this reason, you shouldn't apologize to the motorist or occupants of the other vehicle.

Besides that, you should avoid confessing your fault or contribution towards the collision. Stating that you did not realize you were speeding or didn't see the stop sign could also get you in trouble. Though it is advisable to be kind and compassionate, you should avoid discussing anything concerning the accident. 

Things to Say to the Insurance Company

The insurer is one of the parties you will have to communicate with immediately after the accident. As with your fellow accident victims, it is advisable to be careful what you say to them and how you word it. Remember that insurance companies seek to minimize the liability on their end. So if you are reckless with your words, you might end up getting less compensation than you deserve. Ideally, you should consult your car accident lawyer before communicating with the insurer. And if it is utterly necessary to talk to an insurance representative, do not insinuate that you played a part in the collision. 

Things to Do after Accidentally Admitting Fault

Vehicle accidents are generally complicated and terrifying. Because of this, many victims get anxious, which distorts their ability to make sound decisions. For instance, you can mistakenly admit fault. Luckily you can overturn this error with the assistance of a car accident attorney. They will assess the details of the accident and pull you out of the mess. If, for example, you admit fault because you rear-ended another vehicle, your attorney will first check whether they had functional tail lights. If not, you have a chance to contest their claim.

The things you say after an accident may determine the claim outcome. Therefore, it is best to speak to a car accident lawyer before starting the legal process. With their guidance, you will avoid verbal errors that would otherwise mess up your case down the line.

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9 March 2022

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