How To Settle Your Personal Injury Case Quickly And Efficiently


If you have been the victim of a careless driver, you may not have to take the case to court to get paid. A settlement is a way of getting the monetary compensation you deserve but it's a lot quicker and easier than filing a lawsuit. For how to settle your case quickly and easily, read on.

Get a Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers know all about settlements and their value. Speak to a lawyer about your case. The lawyer will look at issues like fault, your physical injuries, and other aspects of the case and decide on your chances of winning a settlement. If so, they will send the other driver and their insurer a special type of letter that lists your damages, why the other driver is at fault, and a summary of the evidence you have available to prove everything. In many cases, this letter will result in the beginning of settlement talks between your lawyer and the other driver's insurance company.

Know About Damages

Almost everyone that takes legal action after a car accident is interested in how much money they can be paid. That is not only natural but it's also important to understand what is meant by damages and how they relate to a settlement check. Damages can be looked at as a list of all the ways you have been affected negatively by the accident. For example, if you missed work because of your injuries, the income loss is a form of damage that the other driver owes you. Another major form of damage is medical expenses — even if you have health insurance. The other driver is responsible for all medical expenses related to the accident. Unfortunately, many insurers drag their heels and fail to pay your bills in a timely manner. Also, obviously, victims are owed for any property damage to their vehicles or other things like a broken cell phone. Not so obvious, though, are pain and suffering damages, explained below.

Remember Pain and Suffering and Medical Expenses

You must be physically hurt when it comes to accident settlements. Pain and suffering are related to your medical damages since higher expenses tend to line up with more physical injuries. In turn, that lines up with how the accident has affected you mentally and emotionally. That is pain and suffering, and it could equal several times your medical costs, so don't discount it.

Your lawyer not only knows how much money you should be paid after an accident, but they also know how to negotiate with the other driver's insurer to obtain it for you in a timely way. Speak to a personal injury law firm, such as The Radmore Law Firm, today.


7 December 2021

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