Being Prepared Is Critical To Defend Your Nursing License


As a nurse, your work is more than a job; you are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the patients that you care for. For this reason, state boards take complaints against nurses very seriously, and as such, if you are facing a revocation of your license, you must be prepared to defend and protect your career.

Share Selectively

Once you learn you are under investigation or review for possible license revocation or suspension be mindful of everything you do, especially talking with your colleagues. People you work with are friendly and may seem to have your best interest at heart, but they are also going to do everything in their power to protect themselves when necessary. 

As such, if it comes down to it, anything you share with them may be shared with the administration or hospital staff. It might seem harmless to share what happened with your colleagues, but if what you say is misinterpreted and shared with others, it can backfire on you. Keep all information to yourself.   

Communicate Clearly

While you want to avoid sharing too much information with your colleagues, you do need to be open and communicate efficiently with the investigation team. Whether it is a hospital policy violation or a patient complaint, sometimes the circumstances surrounding these events are purely a misunderstanding. 

The better you are at communicating with the investigation team, the easier it is to clear up these matters. Providing well-prepared written statements and reviewing interview responses before you meet with the investigators can help. Be precise and detailed when providing your responses for the best result. 

Get Help

In addition to protecting the patients and other staff at the hospital, the staff investigating the issue is also out to protect the facility. As such, you can rest assured that they will have an attorney on their staff. An attorney will apply every measure of the law to ensure the facilitated is protected, which could affect the status of your license. 

It is essential that you also have an attorney working on your behalf to protect your interests and your career. In addition to helping you retain your professional license, in the event a violation did take place on your part, an attorney can help negotiate on your behalf to minimize any penalty against you. 

An attorney can help you with every step of this process. Be sure to seek help if you are facing this type of scenario. Reach out to an attorney who can provide a nursing license defense for you. 


20 July 2021

Working Closely With Your Attorney

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