What You Need To Know About Estate Planning Attorneys


Estate planning is not something to joke around with. One missing signature or wrong placement of a word changes the entire meaning of a trust or will. Also, you want to leave everything in order before your passing. For this reason, you should engage an estate planning attorney to help you with the legal paperwork and ensure your wishes come true. Read on to learn more about estate planning attorneys.

What Is an Estate Planning Attorney?

As the name suggests, estate planning attorneys deal in all matters related to estate planning. They help you in dividing assets and assembling the necessary documents to ensure your will is followed. Upon your passing, they can also transfer the assets to your intended beneficiaries and handle the probate process. 

You can also appoint an estate planning lawyer to handle your end-of-life decisions if you're incapable of making your own decisions. This can involve writing a living will, assigning them a power of attorney, and creating an advance directive. 

How Much Does Hiring an Estate Planning Lawyer Cost?

Estate planning requires a lawyer who has deep knowledge of estate laws to ensure that the plan you come up with can hold up in a court of law. Typically, the amount you will pay to your attorney will depend on the nature of services you want, how long the attorney will be involved, and the state you live in. Talk to your lawyer for an upfront agreement on the rates.

You should also consider that the probate process might drag, in which case your attorney will be involved for an extended period. Take your time in planning to ensure things will proceed as you intended.

What Should You Expect From Working With an Estate Planning Attorney?

Apart from being knowledgeable on the estate and state laws, a good estate planning lawyer should be devoted to ensuring your wishes are fulfilled. This makes it possible for you to share intimate details about your life and property without feeling uneasy or fearing your wishes will be compromised. 

In the end, proper estate planning ensures your affairs are in the right order, and there are valid and enforceable documents to go along with your wishes. You don't have to leave your family wondering how to divide the assets amongst themselves. And even if someone will contest your will after your death, a good estate planning attorney will be ready to handle such outcomes. 

Contact a local estate planning lawyer to learn more.


25 March 2021

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