Why Your Juvenile Child Needs A Lawyer


When you have a child who is facing a legal issue, your first thought is how you can help your child through their situation. There are lawyers who study juvenile criminal defense law so they can assist people in situations like yours: families who have young children, not quite adults, facing legal problems. While juveniles don't face the same consequences for their actions as adults do in most circumstances, it's still wise to consider legal counsel when you are facing a juvenile criminal law situation.

Whether your teen has been accused of theft, doing illegal drugs, drinking underage, or another crime, you need to get them a lawyer skilled in juvenile criminal defense law. Here's why.

Your teen could be facing a lasting record

Even though your teenager is not a legal adult, they can still face a criminal record that will follow them. You don't want your juvenile to have a potential criminal record that can affect their academic or professional future, so work with a lawyer who can explain the juvenile criminal defense law regulations in your state to you. Your juvenile may still face consequences for their actions in the form of community service, juvenile detention time, and legal fees, but they may be able to keep criminal records off their permanent record if you have the right legal aide for them.

Your teen could be facing a serious sentence

In a few cases, a teenager can be tried as an adult for their crimes. There are nearly 49.000 young people in jails or juvenile detention centers every day, and your teen can become part of this statistic. Depending on what they are being charged with, what their current criminal history is like, and other factors, your teen may be facing serious repercussions that need the intervention of a lawyer who is skilled in juvenile criminal defense law.

The role of a lawyer is to represent your child so they can not only understand the charges being placed before them, but they can have their chance to show evidence supporting their own case and can make plea agreements or fight their cases outright. There are no guarantees in the legal system, but if your child is facing legal problems, hiring the right representation for their needs is wise.

You and your child will be given a consultation prior to hiring any lawyer for your needs. When you hire a lawyer in juvenile criminal defense law, refer all future legal correspondence to them.


25 November 2020

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