4 Tips For Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Being unable to pay your bills can create a great deal of financial stress for you. It's in your best interest to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy if this is the case. This is a legal status that will pay many of your debts for you. However, some debts may not be discharged, such as student loans and taxes. It's ideal to know the top steps to assist you in filing for this bankruptcy type.

1. Fill out the proper paperwork

You'll want to take time to gather the forms you'll need to file for this status. You can typically pick these up at your local courthouse and fill these out when you have time.

Filling these out completely and accurately will allow you to have a much better chance of success. For instance, you'll need to list your total income and monthly expenses.

2. Deliver the forms in person

Taking the completed forms to the courthouse can allow you to know for sure these are in the right hands. It's never ideal to put documents as necessary as these are in the mail.

Take time out of your day to drive to this location and give the completed forms to the proper officials. This will prevent you from having to worry about if these got delivered or not and help speed up this process.

3. Seek legal advice

Working with an attorney in your area to advise you on precisely what to do during the process of filing for bankruptcy is ideal. There are many things you may run into that you won't know what to do with.

Getting the legal advice of a bankruptcy attorney can allow you to have less stress and more success with this process.

4. Know the documents to send the trustees

You'll want to ensure the trustees have the right information for you to have success with your bankruptcy. There are certain documents you'll want to send to this group of people to ensure you qualify for this status.

Of course, if you work with an attorney, this professional can provide you with the necessary information you'll need to give the trustees.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a challenging time, so you'll want to be ready to get through it with the most ease possible. The ideal way to do so is with a bankruptcy attorney that can assist you as you continue through this process.

For more information, contact a bankruptcy lawyer.


8 October 2019

Working Closely With Your Attorney

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