3 Reasons PTSD Is Common After An Accident With A Big Truck


PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a common problem for people after they have been in an automobile accident. After an accident involving a big semi truck, the risks of developing PTSD could be even bigger. PTSD is a serious problem that can hinder your ability to feel comfortable on the highway as a driver. If you have to file an auto accident claim by working with a truck accident attorney, your PTSD could be a major form of damage considered in your case. Take a look at some of the reasons why it is common for PTSD to be an issue after an accident with a big truck. 

Accidents involved a big truck are more likely to cause fatalities. 

It is common knowledge that accidents involving a passenger vehicle and a semi truck are more likely to cause fatalities for the driver in the smaller vehicle. Even though you have made it through the accident with injuries and are still alive, just the thought that you could have lost your life can be enough to cause problems with PTSD. It is often these life-threatening events that cause PTSD to develop, and an accident involving a big truck is most definitely a life-threatening situation most of the time. 

Big trucks are something that can rarely be avoided on the highway. 

If you stick to small one-lane roads in a rural area, you may be able to mostly avoid coming in close contact with a semi truck, but for most drivers, this is not a feasible thing to do. PTSD is common after accidents with big trucks because these massive vehicles can be found just about everywhere. If you have severe anxiety stemming from an accident with a large truck, you are more likely to have these bouts of severe anxiety that trigger PTSD symptoms because the trucks are so hard to avoid. 

Big truck accidents often involve a sudden impact. 

Accidents involving a big truck often involve a sudden, unexpected impact for the driver of the passenger vehicle. PTSD can be more relative to incidents that happen with no perceived warning, which is why car accident victims commonly have problems with the disorder. You may have collided with a semi that seemed to come out of nowhere, or had a big truck run a stop light and hit your vehicle. These sudden, unexpected collisions can be so alarming and nerve-rattling that it is hard to get over the event.

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29 May 2019

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