Consider Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer For Incarcerated Loved Ones


Is someone you care about locked away in a correctional institution? Have they been involved in a criminal disciplinary situation that now threatens to add time to their current sentence?

You may be tempted to believe that the inmate deserves what is happening to them. After all, they have been duly convicted of at least one crime.

Well, you need to understand that life behind prison walls is harsh indeed. Your friend or relative needs legal help.

Everyone accused of a crime has a right to a zealous defense. Incarcerated persons are even more in need. Do not force them to depend on an overworked public defender. Instead, retain the services of a private criminal defense lawyer who is better able to spend the time necessary to find out what really happened in the correctional facility.

To help you understand how a prisoner can be caught in an unfair situation and face additional charges, following are some common examples.

Forced to Fight

Quite simply, American penal institutions have become places where violence is the norm. There is not enough money to hire the number of guards necessary to keep inmates safe. Thus, at any moment your friend or relative might face a situation where the choice is either fight or lose your life.

If the other inmate receives serious injuries officials might prosecute a criminal charge. However, you should realize that your loved one may have had no other option but to act in a violent manner.

At the very least, get them proper legal representation to defend against the charge.

Sending Kites

Inmates communicate with one another via so-called kites. These small slips of paper get passed from cell to cell by strings. Depending on the unofficial rules among prisoners, everyone could be expected to accept and send a kite to the next cell until it reaches its final recipient.

If caught in possession of a kite containing a message deemed dangerous, such as gang activity, your loved one could face a criminal charge. However, he or she probably had no idea what was written in the message.

Have some compassion and consider hiring a criminal defense attorney who can help persuade the authorities of their innocence.

Possessing Contraband

Cell searches occur randomly. Nevertheless, some guards have been known to inform certain prisoners of an upcoming "surprise search." These inmates can then get rid of any contraband. Well, guess what? They can easily slip the illegal items, such as drugs or weapons used in a prior prison crime, in with the possessions of a cellmate.

If someone you know says they are in this situation and need legal representation, take it seriously.

A public defender will most likely not have the time to fully investigate the case. On the other hand, private defense attorneys are able to dedicate the necessary resources to such delicate matters because they have only a set number of cases. The public defender has to accept any client handed to them by the courts.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Fortunately, you can find a competent lawyer today. Just inform them of the situation your friend or relative is facing to learn what can be done.

Inmates are at the mercy of the prison authorities. An experienced, compassionate defense attorney may be the only way for them to get justice. Visit a site like for more help.


14 April 2018

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